Basis of benefit
  • Sec. 5H of RA 7696
  • Seventy (70) years of age
  • Spouse and unmarried minor children of veteran
  • Php 1,700/month
Persons Eligible
  • All veterans
  • 70th birthday of the veteran or
  • Php 1,700/month

Pursuant to Section 5H of Republic Act No. 7696 enacted in 1994, a veteran, with or without a service-connected or non-service connected disability, upon reaching the age of seventy (70) is deemed totally disabled with one hundred per centum (100%) rating and shall be entitled to a monthly pension of One thousand seven hundred pesos (PHP1, 700.00) plus Five hundred pesos (P500.00) for the spouse and each unmarried minor children.

However, it was only in April 2010 that government was able to include a provision for the payment of TAD pension for living WWII veterans. The gap between the law’s passage and the time that government paid TAD pension resulted in unpaid pension obligations, prompting PVAO to adopt the following order of priority in the payment of TAD arrearages given the limited funds from the national government, to wit:

Order of Priority in TAD Pension Arrears Payment:
  1. Living World War II Veterans born 1930 and below
  2. Surviving spouses of WWII veterans who died between 9 April 1994 to December 2009
  3. Living Post War Veterans 80 Years Old and Above
  4. Living Post WWII Veterans 70-79 Years Old
  5. Compulsory legal heirs of veterans who died without receiving any TAD pension benefit

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