Basis of benefit
  • Sec. 5 of RA 6948 as amended by Sec. 2 of RA 7696
  • The veteran is disabled owing to sickness, disease, wounds or injuries sustained in line of duty
Persons Eligible
  • World War II veterans who were disabled or injured in line of duty
  • AFP veterans with disability discharge rating
  • Spouse and unmarried minor children of veterans with a 100% disability rating

Disability Rating 09 April 1990 to 09 April 1994 09 April 1994 onwards
Up to 30% Php 600.00 Php 1,000.00
40%  675.00  1,100.00
50% 750.00 1,200.00
60% 825.00 1,300.00
70% 900.00 1,400.00
80% 975.00 1,500.00
90% 1,050.00 1,600.00
100% 1,125.00 1,700.00

Additional pension:
Given to the spouse and unmarried minor children of disability pensioners with a 100% disability rating. Each dependent will receive Php 500.00/month.

Effectivity of pension:
The date of effectivity of the pension that may be awarded to an applicant will be based on the conditions specified hereunder:
1. Officers and enlisted personnel of the Philippine Army and guerilla organizations of World War II, on the day the application received but in no case earlier that the date of the approval of this Act;
2. For all other veterans
2.1. On the date immediately following the date of discharge if the application was filed within one (1) year after the veteran's separation from the service; or
2.2. On the day the application was received if the application was filed beyond one (1) year after the veteran's separation from the service.

General Policies in Rating
  1. The rating schedule is primarily a guide in the evaluation of disability/ies resulting from all types of disabilities and injuries encountered as a result of or incident to military service. The percentage ratings represent the average impairment resulting from such disabilities and injuries and their residual condition in civil occupation.
  2. The determination and rating of the disabilities are done in accordance with the "Schedule of Rating Disabilities of the USVA". (Executive Order No. 54).
  3. For Initial Evaluation: The determination and rating of disabilities of post war veterans are based on the findings and recommendation of the Disability Separation Board of the AFP Medical center (Formerly CDD Board). For World War II Veterans, the determination of service-connected disability/ies is based on their medical records shown in their military service records such as the AGO Form 23, Discharge Certificated (Form 55) or Report of Physical Examination prior to Discharge (Form 63). Ratings are then based on the results of their present medical evaluation obtained from any government hospital such as the VMMC.

    For re-evaluation/re-ratings: Periodic re-evaluation and re-ratings of the veteran's disability/ies are based on the medical evaluation done by the government hospital where the veteran was examined. The Board determines the type of clinical evaluation and diagnostic tests to be requested for re-rating purposes.

Exemption from Re-evaluation:
A disabled veteran shall be exempted from periodic examination and re-rating in the following cases:
  1. When the disability is considered as static;
  2. When the disability is permanent in nature or of such character that there is no likelihood of improvement; or
  3. When the veteran is already fifty-seven years of age or over.

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