Basis of benefit
  • Sec. 12 of RA 6948 as amended by Sec. 5 of RA 7696
  • The veteran dies in line of duty or
  • The veteran is a disability pensioner who died due to a service connected disability or sickness
Persons Eligible
  • Surviving spouse and
  • Unmarried minor child or
  • Parent
  • Death of Veteran

Pension Rates
Beneficiary/ ies Amount
Surviving spouse Php 1,000.00/month
Unmarried minor child Php 1,000.00/month
Parents (each) Php 1,000.00/month
Single Parent (with accretion) Php 2,000.00/month

  1. The beneficiary should not be receiving a similar pension for the same reason from other government funds or form the United States government.
  2. The pension of the surviving spouse is terminated upon remarriage.
  3. The pension of a child is terminated upon reaching the 18th birthday or upon marriage

Pension Rates:
Beneficiary/ies 09 April 1990 to 09 April 1994 09 April 1994 onwards
Surviving spouse Php 500.00 Php 1,000.00
Unmarried Minor Php 200.00 Php 500.00
Parents (each) Php 250.00 Php 1,000.00
Single Parent Php 500.00 Php 2,000.00
  1. Rates of death pension prior to 09 April 1990
    are covered by Republic Act 65 (WWII)
  2. From 09 April 1990 to 09 April 1994, pension rates for survivors of non-combat related deaths are 50% of the prescribed rates.

Effectivity of pension:
Death of the veteran or 09 April 1990 whichever is later.
1. Surviving spouse (death result of service connected disability)
1.1 Last re-rating from DRB
1.2 Death certificate of veteran from LCR with registry number/casualty report
1.3 Marriage contract certificates from LCR with registry number
1.4 AGO form 23
1.5 Marriage contract

2. For parents (where the soldier is single)
2.1 Military service record (to prove that the deceased is indeed a soldier) report.
2.2 Line of duty status (to prove that the soldier was killed in action).
2.3 Declaration of beneficiaries.
2.4 Death certificate of veteran issued by the LCR with registry number (to prove the fact of death).
2.5 Marriage contract of veteran's parents issued by LCR with registry number (to prove legitimacy of marriage); entitlement of pension as parents.
2.6 Birth certificate of veteran issued by LCR with registry number to prove that the soldier is indeed related to the claimant).
2.7 2x2 ID photo colored or black.
2.8 AFP dependent's id.

All documents must be either or authenticated by the office which issued the same. We do not honor photocopies. The claimant must personally file.

  1. Burial permit
  2. Death certificate of veteran issued bt the parish church
  3. Late registration of court declaration

In case of loss or destruction of registry record, a certification from the custodian of public records to this effect and affidavit of two disinterested persons preferably sponsors in the marriage plus birth certificate of one child wherein the data and place of marriage are indicated. In the absence of a marriage contract, any of the following will suffice.
1. Marriage certificate issued by parish church.
2. Certificate of land title of birth certificate of two children indicating the date and place of marriage of parents.

In the absence of a birth certificate any of the following will suffice.
1. Voter's id/affidavit issued by COMELEC dated 1986 onward.
2. Passport
3. Baptismal certificates issued by parish church.

All documents to be submitted must be either original or authenticated by the office which issued the same.

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